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Our Custom Controllers - The future of AvidControllers

Hello and welcome to our first blog!  In this blog we will be explaining how we create our custom controllers, and where we would like to be in the future.

How do we create custom controllers?

Below are the steps of creating one of our custom controllers.

Step 1 - We purchase an official black controller from our supplier.

Step 2 - Once we receive the controller, we unbox it & note down the details of the controller on our data base - We note down the Colour - Model Number & any other important specifications.

Step 3 - Disassembly - Step 3 is where is gets a little tricky.  We carefully disassemble the controller using the correct tools.  We then label each part & prepare the parts for painting/modification. 

Step 4 - If we are going to be painting/hydrodipping the parts, we first sand down the parts using 600 grit wet/dry sand paper.  Once our parts are fully scrubbed we can start painting the parts.  Since most of our controllers start of black, we usually give the parts a different colour by spray painting them to a desired colour.  if we want to hydrodip, we will usually spray them white.

Step 5 - Hydrodipping - When the shells/buttons are completely dry (after paining), we hydrodip them.  Hydrodipping is the process of turning Hydrographic film to liquid ink by placing the flim on water, and spraying hydrovator onto the film.  Once we have hydrodipped our parts we let them dry - The following is an example of hydrodipping - 

Step 6 - Finishing touches - Once our design is completely dry.  We can start clear coating.  We give all shells 2 - 4 coats of clear coat.  This gives the controller a nice looking finish, along with protection from sweat & scratching.

Step 7 - Once all parts have been modified we carefully re-assemble the controller.  Once re-assembled we test the controller on multiple games to make sure the controller feels right, and performs correctly.  If all tests have been passed, we place the controller back in original packaging ready to be shipped to a customer.

That's a rather rushed description of how we modify controllers in the workshop.

So where do we want to be in a years time?

We would also like to introduce a "Create your own" section to our site within the next 12 months.  This will allow gamers to create the controller of their dreams, from themes, colours & custom text.  This will put the customer in full control of the final design, rather than us.

Finally, we would like to add 20 new designs to the site within 12 months.  Our designs will be unique, as we will be taking the time to design our own hydrodip films to use on our controllers.  

That's it for this blog.  Be sure to leave some comments!

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