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Hello And Welcome To AvidControllers.  Our Mission Is To Provide Avid Gamers With Controllers That Suite Their Style!  We Have A Wide Range Of Custom Xbox One Controllers For You To Have a Browse Through!  

 Avid Controllers Are;


We're professional about what we do, we pride ourselves in Customer Reliability, helpfulness and friendliness.


Each and every job that our team takes on is executed with care and precision. We will never dispatch a controller that we feel is not ready to be in the hands of a gamer. 


If you are not happy with your new controller, please contact us. If necessary we will replace your controller, or give you a full refund! Please remember, if your controller is not in warranty, a refund/replacement is not Guaranteed

Why choose avidcontrollers?

  • First off, our prices are incredibly good.  In-fact, we believe we offer some of the cheapest prices for these controllers on the market, it'd be hard to find these controllers better priced elsewhere, better yet we offer completely free shipping within the UK using a 1st class tracked service, our oversees shipping prices are also good at only £10, tracked and first class.
  • All of our controllers are customized with care.  Once fully customized we will run our controller through some quick checks, for example, we will ensure that every button is functioning as normal, Physically, and on the xbox one s.  We will also update the controller to the latest firmware before proceeding with packaging.
  • Delivery times in the UK are quick.  After purchase you should receive your controller within a few working days (5 at most).  We will give you regular updates on your controllers status & we'll provide tracking info so you can track your controllers journey.
  • Our customer service is outstanding, should you have any questions about anything related to our site, feel free to use our live chat feature, or visit out contact page and submit a contact form.  Any questions that are received via the contact form will be answered within 12 hours.

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