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Call Of Duty Zombies Juggernog Perk A Cola - Avid Controllers

Call Of Duty Zombies Juggernog Perk A Cola


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Wait, I can buy Juggernog in real life? Yes!  That's right.  Welcome to our Juggernog Perk A Cola!  This is an exact replica of the real thing from call of duty zombies!  The liquid inside is also completely consumable, and tastes amazing!

Item Specs - 

330ml Glass Bottle

Gold Crown Cap

Flavour - Fizzy Fruit Punch!
Energy: 720KJ/164 Kcal
Fat - 0%
Carbohydrate - 37.3g
Sugars - 43.3g
Protein - 0%
Salt - 0.2%
If you are intending to drink the fruit punch inside, please do so within 6 months of purchase. 
Please NOTE: A bottle opening tool will be required to drink the soda!